Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday's Blog

Thursday was an interesting class once again.  Sir Ken's art work was very interesting however I need to watch it again on my own which would allow me to pause it and reflect. It was a bit too quick for me initially.  More importantly, I was not focused on the presentation once he went off on his rant on ADHD and medications which I have a personal as well as professional much different slant on.  It appears he doesn't have ADHD or know anyone closely who does or it might give him another perspective or  minimally alter his thoughts somewhat.

I enjoyed learning more about presentations, specifically web site designs.  I would appreciate YOUR feedback, "the good, the bad, and the ugly," about our Edison website if you ever get the chance.  I also appreciated the time you allowed us Thursday afternoon to work on our projects and take care of other business which happens during busy summer months.

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  1. Interesting reflection on ADHD and your personal experiences. I too used to be very much against medicating kids, until I had a conversation with a 4th grader who explained to me how he felt when he was on meds vs. off. Very powerful, and totally moderated my thinking. However,the map showing much higher rates of medication on the East Coast than the west was provocative. Maybe we have a balance out here? Worth looking into more, I think. Thanks for challenging Sir Ken!