Monday, July 11, 2011

Review of Today

With great patience, Todd helped me set up my first blog.  The great news is that with what I know about technology, my learning curve is higher than anyone so I will learn the most!  I enjoyed watching the two videos, even though I had watched them the night before!  I hope to use some of the quotes in various parts of my job next year.  In addition to the specifics of the class today, I enjoyed talking to my peers and learning what works or doesn't work in their programs.  This includes specifics like cell phone protocol, math curriculums, and teachers to use as great models, to mention a few ideas/thoughts.  Great first day.  I'm looking forward to practicing tonight on my FIRST blog!


  1. Happy to help, and glad you can use some of this material for your staff next year!

  2. I too, found Todd to be patient and helpful. I found myself thinking about what we had learned and excited to apply it last night as I watched mindless TV. FUN!!!!