Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday's Blog

Thursday was an interesting class once again.  Sir Ken's art work was very interesting however I need to watch it again on my own which would allow me to pause it and reflect. It was a bit too quick for me initially.  More importantly, I was not focused on the presentation once he went off on his rant on ADHD and medications which I have a personal as well as professional much different slant on.  It appears he doesn't have ADHD or know anyone closely who does or it might give him another perspective or  minimally alter his thoughts somewhat.

I enjoyed learning more about presentations, specifically web site designs.  I would appreciate YOUR feedback, "the good, the bad, and the ugly," about our Edison website if you ever get the chance.  I also appreciated the time you allowed us Thursday afternoon to work on our projects and take care of other business which happens during busy summer months.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Response to Sugatamitra

The most interesting thing I discovered was that in his estimation, students can self teach, especially younger ones.  I believe this can be true in many cases but obviously not all.   Older students, LD students, and others could make it difficult.  With that being said, inquisitive and self motivated students of any language or background can be successful in this endeavor. Many of them could take the next step and become "teachers" of their peers.

Secondly, and an easy segue, is his thought about teachers and technology.  It is best summed up by his quote of someone else, “a teacher that can be replaced by a machine, should be .”

His “Hole in the Wall” project was extremely entertaining as well as insightful.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Blog

Once again, I am excited about the many new ideas that were shared with the class today.  I now realize why my daughter loves her tech teacher at Raleigh Hills School, Doug Bundy.  He combines his passion with his expertise which benefits all of his students.  I plan on sharing Salman Khan's website with my math teachers as soon as next week.  In addition, I hope to hire him as a consultant to "take us to the next level."  I learned about translating (which could benefit our ASL program),, image, boolify and symbaloo.  He gave us a lot to think about, explore, and expand our curriculum.  Great second day.

The one thing I'd suggest is to add Doug's website to your syllabus so we can track him down.  Thanks.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Review of Today

With great patience, Todd helped me set up my first blog.  The great news is that with what I know about technology, my learning curve is higher than anyone so I will learn the most!  I enjoyed watching the two videos, even though I had watched them the night before!  I hope to use some of the quotes in various parts of my job next year.  In addition to the specifics of the class today, I enjoyed talking to my peers and learning what works or doesn't work in their programs.  This includes specifics like cell phone protocol, math curriculums, and teachers to use as great models, to mention a few ideas/thoughts.  Great first day.  I'm looking forward to practicing tonight on my FIRST blog!

Response to TED

After listening to TED, two thoughts resonated with me.  First his passion reminded me of my passion and the passion of all teachers in our profession.  This is what turns on student to education; it allows us to connect with kids.  The opposite of that is that we have to be very careful to not "rain" on their dreams with sarcasm, negativity, "reality", etc.  We are teachers and our main job is to help them find their passion.  Ideally they will be able to find something in life so they don't just look "forward to the weekend!"

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