Monday, July 11, 2011

Response to TED

After listening to TED, two thoughts resonated with me.  First his passion reminded me of my passion and the passion of all teachers in our profession.  This is what turns on student to education; it allows us to connect with kids.  The opposite of that is that we have to be very careful to not "rain" on their dreams with sarcasm, negativity, "reality", etc.  We are teachers and our main job is to help them find their passion.  Ideally they will be able to find something in life so they don't just look "forward to the weekend!"


  1. Helping kids know their strengths has been a priority for me when I was in the classroom. It's their pathway to passion!

  2. I think that when we demonstrate and show our passion it can be very infectious. The students can pick up on it. They will need support but the sky is the limit.