Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Response to Sugatamitra

The most interesting thing I discovered was that in his estimation, students can self teach, especially younger ones.  I believe this can be true in many cases but obviously not all.   Older students, LD students, and others could make it difficult.  With that being said, inquisitive and self motivated students of any language or background can be successful in this endeavor. Many of them could take the next step and become "teachers" of their peers.

Secondly, and an easy segue, is his thought about teachers and technology.  It is best summed up by his quote of someone else, “a teacher that can be replaced by a machine, should be .”

His “Hole in the Wall” project was extremely entertaining as well as insightful.  


  1. I've used that quote in other settings. It has many layers to it if you spent much time thinking about it. Self teaching/organizing is a concept that's been around a while, but manifests itself differently. This was very eye-opening to me the first time I saw it.

  2. i too appreciated the quote about replacing a teacher. Just goes back to the fact that technology is a tool not the teacher. I do believe even our students with learning differences when given the opportunity will embrace and find technology tools that will support their learning needs. Just think of work prediction, speech to text, text to speech, etc. that have empowered may of our citizens with their own needs. You spoke of your friend yesterday as a perfect example.

  3. I think peer teaching is great and with this type of approach, the teacher becomes the facilitator. Some students do prefer the structured style of class but I think that too is a process of learning for the students, i.e. learning to be actively participating in learning and not spoon fed.